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Boating resources

The essential toolkit for your boat
It's always best to expect the unexpected while boating. Keeping a stocked toolkit on board may mean the difference between a nice day on the lake and a day you wish you would have stayed home!
Choosing the right portable fire extinguisher for your boat
When you are on your boat on the open water, one of the last things you want to think about is a fire on board. But if a fire did start, would you have the right fire extinguisher on board? Would you know how to use it? Markel offers tips for choosing the right portable fire extinguisher for your powerboat.
Preventing boat theft
Nothing can ruin your day faster than having your boat taken from you. Do you know where your boat is at this exact moment? Are you sure you took out the key? Did you remember to turn on your boat alarm? Here are some tips on keeping your boat safe during boating season.
Keeping kids safe on your boat
Boating with your family can be a fun family activity if the proper safety precautions are taken ahead of time. Here are some tips to keep in mind while boating with your family to help keep your children as safe as possible.
Life jacket safety tips
Even the greatest swimmer can be at risk of drowning during a boating accident. Wearing a life jacket greatly increases your chances of survival in a boating accident - make sure everyone on board your boat is safe with these life jacket safety tips.