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Boat insurance

Specialized boat and pwc insurance for USAA members

At Markel, we understand your boat should be insured like a boat, and not a car.  For over 30 years, Markel has specialized in boat insurance and offers the coverages that your homeowner’s carrier may not think of, such as coverage for your skis and fishing equipment. 

Markel offers protection for your:

  • Ski boat
  • Fishing boat
  • Pontoon
  • PWC
  • Power boat

Coverage for your boat:

  • Agreed value coverage–we lock in the value of your boat and equipment, so if you have a claim, you know exactly how much your boat and equipment is insured for
  • Crash damage protection–helps cover damages if you happen to hit something while on the water
  • Theft and vandalism–helps protect your boat if it is stolen or vandalized in or out of the water.
  • Personal effects–coverage for all of the "extras" you take on board (such as your cell phone)
  • Emergency towing–helps pay for towing expenses if your boat happens to get stuck in or out of the water (including the delivery of gas, oil, parts!)
  • Windstorm extra expense–Markel will share the costs of protecting your boat before a major storm (named storm with a watch or warning) makes landfall

Coverage for you:

  • Liability coverage–helps provide protection if you cause injuries to another person, or damage someone's boat/property with your insured boat
  • Uninsured boater coverage – many boat owners don't carry sufficient insurance protection. If another boater causes damage to your boat, or injuries you, and they don't have proper insurance protection, our uninsured/underinsured boater coverage can help pay for those damages or injuries.
  • Pollution liability–accidentally discharge oil or fuel into your favorite lake?  Markel will help pay for the clean-up with this included coverage
  • Medical payments – pays for injuries for yourself or others suffered during a boating accident

Additional coverages:

  • Fishing equipment–provides protection for all of your rods, reels, tackle and fishing gear brought on board
  • Professional angler liability–get paid to fish? No problem, we even have protection for those that get to make a living on the water!
  • Fishing tournament reimbursement
  • Replacement cost settlement–if your boat is 3 years old or newer, we will pay for your exact same boat if you were to have a total loss
  • Coverage for your boat trailer
  • Coverage for your boat lift

Save up to 35% with Markel Marine boat insurance

Markel Marine rewards your safety efforts with these money-saving discounts that help keep your rates down and money in your pocket:

  • Boating safety course
  • Experienced boater
  • Multi-unit
  • Outboard propulsion

Loss-free for four consecutive terms? Good-bye deductible!

Safety benefits everyone–especially you. Markel rewards your safety efforts by reducing your deductible 25% each consecutive term you are accident-free. After four policy terms, your deducible is $0!

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*Insurance, coverage, and discounts are subject to availability and qualifications and may not be available in all states. Coverage descriptions listed are intended to be brief and do not replace actual policy language. For questions or a complete definition of coverages and discounts available to you, please call a Markel Insurance Specialist at 1-866-936-1879.

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